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RLC Engineering Group

RLC Engineering Group is a world class provider of components & services to the Aerospace industry.

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With sales of £120m & over 850 employees, the Group provides innovative solutions to our customers most challenging product families through the application of optimised technologies and supply chains. We bring together multi skilled teams of engineers to create manufacturing and supply chain solutions as dedicated, customer and product focused, business units.

RLC operates from facilities in United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Singapore.

the chairman's statement

“At RLC we focus on working with a small number of customers with whom we can develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships. We aim to bring solutions to their most challenging product lines, but more than that, we strive to become a trusted partner – to do what we say we will do, to say “no” when it is appropriate to do so, and to do what we do with focus, commitment and professionalism.

We are engineers, working in the aerospace industry, on civil and military products, and are committed to developing constantly our technical capability to ensure that we can continue to provide innovative and effective solutions.

We believe strongly that everyone who deals with us should be able to rely on our principled approach and integrity in every aspect of what we do, and are proud to be a privately owned business for over 60 years”.

Sarah Holt

Chairmans Statement

At the
Now and into
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Developing the future

Although the Ronaldsway Aircraft Company (RLC Ronaldsway) was founded many years ago, we are continually investing in people and technologies so that we can service both our current and potential customers now and into the future.

Ronaldsway Aircraft Company management teams directive is to establish new collaborative partnerships that bring together the Ronaldsway Aircraft Company’ expertise, technologies, machining and excellent customer service provision to a new diverse range of industries who may not have considered Ronaldsway Aircraft Company as a possible contender for their supply chain.

We have a very capable production facility equipped with a wide range of machinery and finishing processes. Our multi skilled teams have worked on projects requiring the utmost accuracy, precision and quality control whilst maintaining cost effective outcomes within tight timescales in the aerospace industry over the last 50 years. The obvious ‘next step’ is to offer this expertise to a wider market.

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