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The team at Ronaldsway Aircraft Company work with customers on component development.

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This development process includes briefing meetings, prototype creation, further component development and analysis until all parties are happy with the expected final outcome and then the component is taken into the final manufacturing stage.

As part of our capabilities offering, we have extensive complimentary treatments & processes, this area has grown immensely over the last few years as we see it as an essential area to support new product development on high rate programmes in order to reduce risk, increase the value proposition and make the supply chain more efficient.

We have a comprehensive machine shop with 3, 4 and 5 axis Mazak and Matsuura milling centres. The machine shop also has substantial finishing and grinding facilities.

Our heat treatment facility includes a vacuum furnace, ACE sealed quench furnace, a HBT tempering furnace, nitride facility along with ovens.

The wet treatment area has been developed over many years and can handle a multitude of treatments on various steels, aluminium and special alloys including anodising and cadmium plating.

Specialist finishes are applied in the paint shop including enamels and epoxy’s to aerospace standards.

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