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We support our customers in this market on both current volume production and legacy requirements.

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The ability to manufacture components through their full life cycle from development through volume production and then into the legacy spares requirement is a significant service that we offer our customers.

We manufacture a number of different engine components including cranks, gear box housings, and ducts from both castings and solid material. In some cases we have worked with our customers to convert components from a machined casting to machined from solid. This has resulted in significant improvement in quality and product integrity.

In addition to supporting “run rate” production we are expert at managing “stranger and alien” demand.

We have defined procedures that enable us to assess a casting and then produce a “best fit” process to ensure that the finished product conforms to specification. We also have our own NDT facility to support the manufacture of these components.

To support both development and “end of life” requirements, we have developed a casting supply chain that can respond to rapid prototyping requirements. This can be used to reduce only development lead times and can also be used to reverse engineer obsolete components.

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