• machining capabilities

    machining capabilities

milling and turning

We have a continuous program of investment to ensure that we grow and develop our manufacturing capabilities. As we manufacture a wide range of different components we have a very diverse range of CNC machining centres.

components to

We have a flexible approach to our manufacturing strategy which is determined by the demand for particular product groups. Where the volume of work requires it, we have dedicated manufacturing cells and in other area we are organised into functional areas.

One of our current projects is to create a dedicated cell to support our customers’ development programs. This will focus on producing very low volumes on short lead times.

Machining capabilities

We have a number of Mazak and Matsuura 5 axis CNC machining centres that allow us to handle the most complex of jobs. All of our machines are linked directly to our CAD/CAM system and we are able to produce components quickly for both production and prototype. The capability that our 5 axis milling machines offer is usually required by our clients who have a more complex surface detail requirement. The 5 axis machines are known to offer greater consistency for fine tolerances, surface contouring, and higher rates of material removal resulting in cost effective product generation.

This complemented by wide range of 4 and 3 axis machining centres and CNC turning centres with bar feed and powered tooling/sliding work pieces.

In addition to this we also have significant capacity and experience in 4 axis Mill/Turn which further extends the range of components we can manufacture.

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Milling and Turning

Machining Capabilities

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